Yu Zheng

Yu Zheng

Post Doc

Yu is a post-doc at EIEE. She did her PhD at INRA (French National Institute of Agricultural Research) and obtained the PhD in Economics at Agrocampus Ouest. She visited Iowa State University as a doctoral researcher. Her thesis topic is “productivity, price volatility, and dynamic choices in French agriculture”. She holds a MSc in Economics at Stockholm University and a BSc in Financial Engineering at Beihang University. She worked at INRA under the EU FP7 project “FOODSECURE”, where she contributed to the current modelling frameworks for the Common Agricultural Policy assessment. Her research interests include DSGE/CGE modeling, environmental and energy economics, agricultural economics, risk and uncertainty, and stochastic optimization. At EIEE, she works on inequality and income distribution topics related to climate change, and climate policy modeling in the CGE model with a focus on the EU.

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