Internal Seminar-Webinar
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Internal Seminar-Webinar

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May 20, 2024
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Online Event
Flying to net zero: the role of aviation in demanding for and enabling Carbon Dioxide Removal

SpeakerNicoletta Brazzola

Abstract: Achieving net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and meeting ambitious climate goals requires a comprehensive approach that includes carbon dioxide removal (CDR) technologies. This seminar examines the critical role of CDR in enabling the aviation sector to achieve net-zero emissions, while also considering the potential for this sector to serve as a catalyst for CDR development. Through an interdisciplinary lens and across different studies, we explore various strategies for achieving climate neutrality and scaling up CDR. Focusing primarily on a promising but nascent CDR method, Direct Air Capture (DAC), we assess the role of CDR in achieving climate-neutral aviation by evaluating the demand for CDR and the comparative cost-effectiveness of different mitigation options based on DAC. Specifically, our findings suggest that DAC-based fuels could offer economic advantages under climate neutrality targets, while also acting as an early deployment niche by circumventing regulatory constraints and accelerating DAC adoption. Looking ahead, we outline future research directions and critical questions to address challenges in CDR scale-up.

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