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An inter-model assessment of the role of direct air capture in deep mitigation pathways

A pathway design framework for national low greenhouse gas emission development strategies

The Future Prospects of Energy Technologies: Insights from Expert Elicitations

Comparing future patterns of energy system change in 2°C scenarios to expert projections

Energy investment needs for fulfilling the Paris Agreement and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Internal and external barriers to energy efficiency: which role for policy interventions?

Implications of various effort-sharing approaches for national carbon budgets and emission pathways

Looking under the hood: A comparison of techno-economic assumptions across national and global integrated assessment models

Inequality and the Social Cost of Carbon


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Exploration of the interactions between mitigation and solar radiation management in cooperative and non-cooperative international governance settings

Future Global Air Quality Indices under Different Socioeconomic and Climate Assumptions

Country-level social cost of carbon

Social vulnerability to climate change in European cities – state of play in policy and practice

Impacts of Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies Across European Regions

Cost of agricultural productivity loss due to soil erosion in the European Union: From direct cost evaluation approaches to the use of macroeconomic models

It’s So Hot in Here: Information Avoidance, Moral Wiggle Room, and High Air Conditioning Usage

Push, don’t nudge: Behavioral spillovers and policy instruments

Climate-induced international migration and conflicts

The Migration Response to Increasing Temperatures

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