Resilient Cities

Resilient Cities

Urban areas are at the forefront of climate mitigation adaptation policies, being a place where a range of actors interact and partake in different economic activities under the jurisdiction of various governance levels.

Our work

We integrate qualitative and quantitative methods to understand how cities will transform. We carry out case studies and targeted interviews, combined with quantitative and GIS data on vulnerability, exposure and impacts. The results of this analysis identify specific forms of social and physical vulnerability, of elements of success in adaptation strategies in local contexts, solutions for reducing air pollution and CO2 emissions, conditions for adaptation planning, and design of targeted solutions.


Developing circular pathways for a EU low-carbon transition


Climate and cultural based design and market valuable technology solutions for Plus Energy Houses


Localised decarbonisation pathways for citizens, local administrations and businesses to inform for mitigation and adaptation action


A Resilience information platform for Adriatic cities and towns

Malpede M., Shayegh S.

Staying home saves life, really!

Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences , - 2022


Air pollution model

A fast chemistry transport model to compute the annual concentrations of several pollutants