Nature Based Solutions for Atlantic Regional Climate Resilience

NBRACER is a project funded by HORIZON Europe Research and Innovation actions in support of the implementation of the Adaptation to Climate Change Mission (HORIZON-MISS-2022-CLIMA-01). NBRACER aims at accelerating the transformation towards climate resilient regions that are safe, green, clean and healthy by means of an innovative and practical approach, by working across sectors and disciplines, experimenting and involving local communities.

General Objectives

NBRACER has the following specific objectives:

  • Contribute to active and engagement of communities and regions in better managing climate risks and enhancing resilience and adaptation capacity to climate change through leveraging existing regional initiatives;
  • Orchestrate co-creation and validating of NBSs enhancing climate resilience towards their mainstreaming and enhanced reliability;
  • Formulate pathways to climate resilience through an integrated approach combining a sound conceptual framework, modelling, mapping and decision support tools, processes, and sustainable governance mechanisms
Expected Results

To increase climate resilience in the European Atlantic Biogeographical Region (ABR), NBRACER will demonstrate, develop and test innovative NBS solutions, tailor-made, combining technological and social innovation, across three Landscapes (marine & coastal, urban, rural). This will be done in 8 regions within 6 countries, 5 DRs in 5 countries: Cantabria (ES), Central Denmark (DK), Nouvelle-Aquitaine (FR), Porto (PT), West Flanders (BE), with replication to a further 3 Replication Regions (RRs) in 3 countries: Cávado (PT), East Flanders (BE), and Province of Friesland (NL). Results, learnt lessons from demonstration and replication activities, capacity building and systemic portfolio development within and across regions will be analyzed, distilled, formatted and packaged to feed into Climate-ADAPT and other platforms developed with support of the European MACC, to enable other regions across the ABR to build on NBRACER outcomes, to ensure synergies with sister projects operating in other biogeographical regions, and to allow for wider dissemination and reapplication.

Project Info
Funded by

European Commission

Start Date

01 October 2023

End Date

30 September 2027


48 months