Socioeconomic Pathways, Adaptation and Resilience to Changing CLimate in Europe

The SPARCCLE is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe program, and it is focused on delivering adaptation and mitigation strategies for a just and climate-resilient Europe.

The project aims to support policymaking for action on the socioeconomic risks of climate change, establishing new methodological frameworks to link knowledge across disciplines from research communities working on climate impacts and risks in Europe. Bottom-up assessments of multidimensional climate vulnerabilities, risks, damages, and adaptation will be combined with top-down integrated assessment frameworks (IAFs) and leading multi-sectoral macroeconomic models.

General Objectives

The ambition of SPARCCLE will be realized through five objectives. Objectives 1-3 will develop and implement leading-edge scientific methodologies in climate impacts, socioeconomic vulnerabilities, and integrated assessment of socioeconomic risks of climate change, including investigation of EU and global mitigation-adaptation synergies and trade-offs considering cross-sectoral linkages and spillover effects. Objectives 4 and 5 focus on methodological and scenario co-design activities with various stakeholders toward establishing a truly transdisciplinary method.

Expected Results

SPARCCLE will deliver the next generation of climate impacts and adaptation frameworks that can explore, quantify, and inform societal transformations toward climate-resilient futures. Underpinned by a probabilistic, multi-sectoral assessment of climate impacts and extremes across Europe and integrated with our understanding of multidimensional vulnerabilities and societal response capacities to respond, climate-resilient strategies that jointly consider mitigation and adaptation will be developed.

SPARCCLE will support decision-making for action on climate-driven socioeconomic risks and enable the better identification of adaptation strategies and sustainable transformations that are robust and resilient to climate and socioeconomic uncertainties.

Project Info
Funded by

European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA)

Start Date

01 September 2023

End Date

28 February 2027


42 months