Adapting to Climate change by QUantifying optimal Allocation of water resOUrces and socio-ecoNomic inTerlinkages

Agriculture is by far the most water demanding sector in the Mediterranean and a sustainable use of water, combined with economic growth, cannot be achieved without improving irrigation efficiency and water productivity. The current heavy depletion of water sources is leading to water scarcity and degradation, deterioration of ecosystem services, conflicts with domestic and industrial uses and, in general, it poses limitations to economic growth. These trends will be exacerbated by CC.

The ACQUAOUNT project aims to improve IWRM and sustainable irrigation through the deployment of innovative tools, smart water services and solutions, for public and private use, while contributing to climate resilience.

General Objectives

ACQUAOUNT will demonstrate through the deployment of a semantic WoT platform in different pilot sites how to provide accessible and accurate information to support optimization of irrigation practices for farmers and basin level water allocation for water managers.

Expected Results

A WoT platform able to provide near real-time services to end-users (farmers and water managers) and support information for long term planning by decision makers (DST).
A large-scale demonstration actions to sustain operational and governance approach in the 4 pilot sites.
A business plan for AQUAOUNT IWRM, and its associated tools, aiming to upscale the IWRM use across the Mediterranean region.
An increased knowledge of strategies for a sustainable water management and CC adaptation among the project beneficiaries.