Promoting Green Nudging for Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry

PRUDENT aspires to revolutionize agriculture and forestry by promoting sustainable practices and innovative farming technologies. The project will explore the use of “nudges”, small changes in how farmers and foresters make decisions, to encourage them to adopt more sustainable approaches. These nudges will be tested in real-life situations alongside policy changes to see their combined effect on sustainability. Innovative tools, like web or mobile apps, will be developed to help farmers and foresters regulate their actions and make lasting changes, supporting these behaviour changes. Different types of farming and forestry systems across Europe will be studied to understand their unique challenges. The insights gained from this research will create new ways of thinking about agriculture and forestry, including social innovations, business models, and policy recommendations.

General Objectives

The overall objective of PRUDENT is to transform agriculture and forestry into more sustainable systems that benefit people and the environment. In particular, the project will investigate the effectiveness of green nudges in promoting sustainable practices and technologies in the agricultural and forestry sectors, and will develop social innovation and business models, as well as policies, with a particular focus on supporting the future CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) and the goals of the European Green Deal (EGD), including the Farm to Fork, EU biodiversity, EU Forest Strategies. More in details, PRUDENT aims at:

  1. Identifying and mapping decision-making factors affecting the transition to sustainable practices in agriculture and forestry.
  2. Testing innovative green nudging practices through behavioral experiments to promote sustainable practices.
  3. Developing social innovations, cooperation models, and business models to integrate sustainability into agriculture and forestry systems.
  4. Designing policy recommendations and tools to support the future CAP and European Green Deal initiatives.
  5. Build capacity among stakeholders, disseminate project results, and upscale nudging
    practices through collaboration and communication activities.
Expected Results

PRUDENT will provide a set of social innovations and business models establishing roadmaps for a shift towards sustainable agriculture and forestry and will develop a series of police recommendations and tools to foster behaviourally informed policy design and implementation. Throughout the project's lifespan, multiple value chain actors, at various levels of society, will actively participate in co-creation activities to establish a mutual understanding of the benefits and bottlenecks of the value chain, as well as effective transformation pathways to change.