Building an inclusive identity to fight inequality

The project studies economic and racial/ethnic inequality by analyzing the determinants of individuals’ willingness to redistribute in favor of disadvantaged people. Through a multi-disciplinary, quali-quantitative approach, the project will test the effectiveness of measure centered on the role of identity aimed at improving the attitude towards redistribution and, as such, at reducing inequality. The scope of the project embraces economic, psychological and sociological perspectives on the perception of economic and racial/ethnic inequality, and grounds on multifaceted approaches and literature about redistribution and identity.

General Objectives

Starting from the need for a deep understanding of citizens' attitudes towards inequality, this project aims at identifying what causes individuals to be favorable to redistributive measures when these measures are directed towards other individuals with a disadvantaged economic background and/or towards foreigners with a different racial/ethnic identity. One key goal of the research carried out in the project is improving the public discourse on social identity and providing a guide to the policy process by enlarging the comprehension of how identities are primed, formed, and diffused and how they affect the redistribution policies. This would raise the awareness of citizens, civil society, scholars, media and policymakers on the importance of designing policies that carry out an inclusive message to citizens.

Expected Results

The project will contribute to the knowledge base to underpin the formulation and implementation of policies in order to reduce inequality through the formation of a common, inclusive identity that encourages integration and cohesion.

Project Info
Funded by

Fondazione Cariplo

Start Date

01 February 2023

End Date

31 January 2024