Paolo Gazzotti
Affiliated Scientist
Paolo Gazzotti

Paolo is a PhD candidate at Politecnico di Milano.

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Paolo Gazzotti

Paolo is affiliated scientist at EIEE. He has got a PhD at Politecnico di Milano in 2021. He holds a Master degree in Computer Science Engineering, with a thesis about Agent-Based negotiation protocols for Lake Como reservoir optimizing management. His research is currently focusing on regional granularity impacts in Integrated Assessment Models and Agent-Based modeling of international negotiations on climate change. He is principally interested in artificial intelligence and multiagent application to support complex decision-making problems.

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Working on

Gazzotti P., Emmerling J., Marangoni G., Castelletti A., van der Wijst K., Hof A., Tavoni M.

Persistent inequality in economically optimal climate policies

Nature Communications , 12, 3421 (2021) - 2021