Valentina Bosetti
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Valentina Bosetti

Valentina Bosetti is senior scientist at EIEE, and full professor at the Economics Department of Bocconi University, where she teaches Environmental and Climate Change Economics.

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Valentina Bosetti

Valentina Bosetti is senior scientist at EIEE, and full professor at the Economics Department of Bocconi University, where she teaches Environmental and Climate Change Economics. She was a senior researcher at Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei during the period 2003-2018. She has been fellow at the Center for Advanced Studies in Behavioural Sciences at Stanford University in 2014-2015, and visiting fellow at Princeton University in 2009-10.

She currently serves as Chairwoman of Terna S.p.A.

Valentina was one of the lead authors of the 5th AR IPCC (2014) and she will be a lead author of the coming 6th AR IPCC. Valentina was president of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource Economics (IAERE) and council member of the European one (EAERE). She was the PI of a first European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant on Innovation and clean technologies (ICARUS) and of a second ERC Starting Grant on Uncertainty and Climate Change (RISICO).


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