Francesco Bosello


Francesco, graduated at the Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, received a Master degree in economics from the University College of London (UK) and a Doctoral degree in economics from the University of Venice. He is currently associate professor of economics at the Department of Environmental Science and Policy at the University Statale of Milan; and affiliate scientist at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC) where he coordinates the Climate Change Economic analysis of Climate Impacts and Policy (ECIP) research division. He is co-director of the European Institute on Economics and the Environment (EIEE) a joint initiative of the US research center Resources for the Future and of the Italian Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change. His main research interests are focused on climate-change policy and modelling. He is currently undertaking research activities concentrated in the area of climate change impact assessment and in the design of optimal mitigation and adaptation strategies developing integrated assessment modelling tools and applied general equilibrium economic models. His other research interests are more broadly related to the economics of the environment and of sustainability.

Curriculum Vitae

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