Valentina Giannini


Dr. Valentina Giannini is a researcher at the Euro-Mediterranean Centre on Climate Change (CMCC, since 2009) where she is developing methods to support decision-making and foster knowledge integration for climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, urban and land-use planning, and natural resources management. This is achieved enabling synergies for the identification of impacts of climate on society (i.e. identifying needs), and designing decision-making processes based on knowledge (i.e. addressing needs). Valentina developed this interest after graduating in Architecture and Planning (Politecnico di Milano, Italy – 1996) working in a multidisciplinary group to draft the land-use plan of two medium sized Italian cities (1997-2005). Building on this work experience and her improved academic background (Master of Environmental Management, Yale University, USA – 2007), she focused first on decision-making processes (starting in 2008 when she began to work for FEEM), and then more broadly on the integration and sharing of local, traditional and scientific knowledge in a decision making process during her PhD (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy – 2012), and working at CMCC (e.g., in the European Topic Center on Vulnerabilities, Impacts and Climate Change Adaptation supporting the European Environment Agency, on the development of adaptation measures for some local communities of the Mexican State of Tabasco, on the development of climate services).

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