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December 14, 2023
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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How to achieve a rapid, fair, and efficient transformation to net zero emissions. Key findings from the NAVIGATE project.

The NAVIGATE project comes to an end in December 2023. During the past four years, the project partners improved capabilities of Integrated Assessment Models in a number of ways and arrived at policy relevant insights on how to achieve a rapid, fair, and efficient transformation to net zero emissions. During the webinar, NAVIGATE partners will present insights into how decarbonisation can be accelerated in different sectors (such as industry, buildings and transport) and how distributional impacts of climate change and climate change mitigation measures can be minimised.


3.00-3.40 pm: Presentations on research findings from the NAVIGATE project

  • NAVIGATE overview (Elmar Kriegler, PIK)
  • The scope for accelerating emission reductions with advanced mitigation action (Jessica Strefler, PIK)
  • Hard-to-abate industry sector CO2 emissions in Paris compatible scenarios: a model comparison study (Nico Bauer, PIK)
  • The role of demand-side measures in climate mitigation pathways (Rik van Heerden, PBL)


3.40-4.10 pm: Presentations on research findings from the NAVIGATE project

  • Distributional implications of climate policies and impacts (Johannes Emmerling, RFF-CMCC)
  • Assessing the socio-economic impacts of different ways to recycle revenues from carbon pricing (Panagiotis Fragkos, E3M)
  • Exploiting synergies between climate, land, energy and water related SDGs (Isabela Schmidt Tagomori, PBL)



Short break

4.20-4.50 pm: Breakout sessions on accelerating decarbonisation in different sectors

  • Industry – Nico Bauer, PIK
  • Buildings – Bas van Ruijven, IIASA
  • Road transport – Sonia Yeh, Chalmers
  • Shipping –Eduardo Müller-Casseres, COPPETEC
  • Agriculture –Mathijs Harmsen, PBL


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