European Climate Prediction system

EUCP project aims to develop an innovative European climate climate prediction system for the European climate forecasting system.

General Objectives

The European Climate Prediction system project (EUCP) has four objectives:Develop an innovative ensemble climate prediction system based on high-resolution climate models for Europe for the near-term (~1-40years);Use the climate prediction system to produce consistent, authoritative and actionable climate information;Demonstrate the value of this climate prediction system through high impact extreme weather events in the near past and near future;Develop, and publish, methodologies, good practice and guidance for producing and using authoritative climate predictions for 1-40year timescale.

Expected Results

Production of updated climate predictions and analysis of the predictive skill of current state-of-the-art decadal forecasting systems. Drawing up recommendations to improve the quality of decadal climate forecasts. Evaluation of the uncertainty related to the internal variability of the climate system at different spatial and temporal scales. Production of very high resolution climate projections (3 km) for the Alpine area and southern Europe. Definition of the value originated by climate services based on the forecasts produced by the project. Definition of macro-economic scenarios that, together with the climatic ones, outline the application context of climate services.

Project Info
Funded by

European Commission

Start Date

01 December 2017

End Date

31 May 2022


48 months