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UPTAKE Kick-off Meeting

UPTAKE kick-off meeting was held on October 17th and 18th, 2023, in Milan, Italy. The meeting brought together more than 40 representatives from the 20 partner research institutes across the EU, the UK, and Switzerland.

The UPTAKE project, funded by the Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement number 101081521, started on September 1st, 2023, and will continue for four years. Recognizing the crucial role of the EU in leading climate science and policy, the project aims at bridging current knowledge gaps to enable the uptake of carbon dioxide removal (CDR) methods, through:

  1. Comprehensive assessment of individual CDR methods,
  2. Systemic integration of CDR into leading modeling frameworks, and
  3. Facilitation and acceleration of CDR uptake considering real-world implementability constraints.

During the meeting, several aspects of the project including the project structure and work packages, the scientific contribution of each of the 5 core work packages in addition to the project management procedures were discussed in depth and a blueprint for the dissemination of the project’s outcomes was developed.

One of the key outcomes of the project is “CDR Stakeholders Forum” which has been envisaged to facilitate the communication among the key stakeholders of the project including communities of researchers, policymakers, civil society, and business representatives. While the exact structure and composition of this forum is yet to be finalized, the consortium is moving forward with its plans to establish connections with a variety of interested parties within and outside the EU through its vast network of scientific experts.

As for the other key outcomes such as “CDR scenario explorer” and “CDR roadmap explorer”, the project will build on existing expertise within the consortium on enhancing interactive and transparent scientific and policy communication methods to develop innovative tools and platforms for disseminating the results of the project to a broader audience.

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