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Climate Justice

A comparison of observed global energy technology costs, with forecasts generated by models and forecasts predicted by human experts, showed that both forecasting methods underestimated cost reductions. This suggests that decisions based on forecasts may be overestimating the cost of climate mitigation and points to the need to further improve forecasting methods. A team of […]

Abstract The aim of this article is to study how heterogeneous expectations concerning the low-carbon technological transition affect aggregate capital investment choices in the electricity sector. We develop a simple model where firms choose between two technological options by evaluating their future profitability prospects, within a finite planning horizon. Profit expectations are affected by beliefs […]

Abstract Mitigation pathways exploring end-of-century temperature targets entail varying degrees of temperature overshoot. The intertemporal consequences of overshoot have been typically evaluated from the point of view of mitigation. Here, we provide the first assessment of the benefits of limiting overshoot via an ensemble of integrated assessment models. We compute physical and macroeconomic probabilistic indicators […]

  Bringing together leading researchers, policymakers and practitioners working on achieving climate neutrality, the meeting will take place simultaneously at three hubs – Berlin, Milan and Oxford – linked together to create a blended event that is both in-person and virtual in nature. Delegates will be drawn from academic, policy, civil society and business communities. […]